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Chamomile is a well known and safe oil for use in children. Chamomile oil relieves pain, and helps skin heal.
Chamomile Recipe List
Abdominal Pain and Cramping Blend
Pour a small amount of the blend into your palm...
Aloe and Chamomile for sore gums
For sore gums mix 3 drops chamomile and 2 drops la...
Black tea and herbal oils for Hemorrhoids
A warm bath often provides temporary relief from h...
Brandy and Peppermint mouthwash
Thymol, one of the constituents of thyme, is cont...
Calendula tea for dry skin
Calendula tea makes a good base for skin care trea...
Calming Blend
Massage the oil blend into the shoulders, back of ...
Calming Smoky Spice Blend
This combination of oils provides an interestin...
Chamomile and Lavender oil compress
Dilute 2 drops of lavender, 2 drops of tea tree an...
Chamomile and Rosemary join and sore muscle relief
This blend helps to calm the inflammation of arthr...
Chamomile and Roses Dream Sachet Oils
The herbs in this blend are traditionally associa...
Chamomile for Asthma
A gentle massage on the back with chamomile can he...
Clove and ChamomileToothache relief
Put 1 drop of clove oil on a cotton ball and ap...
Double Chamomile remedy for rashes
Use this double dose of chamomile to treat skin i...
Goldenseal and Clove Tooth Pain Paste
Mix the essential oils with 1/2 teaspoon of golden...
Helichrysum for Injuries
Apply this blend immediately to injury to reduce...
Joint and muscle pain blend 2
This method works for join pain of all types, arth...
Lavender Oil Cold compress for burns
Lavender and Chamomile Blend for treating burns an...
Overnight Wrinkle prevention
Use this formula on the face, neck and chest as fa...
Sandalwood Sweet Dreams
Calms the mind and body to promote restful sleep. ...
Skin soft Oatmeal and Chamomile
Pour three cups of boiling water over one cup ...
Sweet dreams marjoram and clary sage
This evening relaxation blend will help ease the t...
Warming Tummy Massage Oils
Massage the following oils onto abdomen as needed....

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