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Annies Aromatherapy Mission Statement

Aromatherapy makes therapeutic use of essential oils for health, happiness and physical and spiritual healing. I first started exploring aromatics and essential oils about 10 years ago, and I can say without a doubt that I have a much higher quality of life because of it. Incorporation of aromatherapy into my daily care routine has lessened my dependence costly and harmful pharmaceutical drugs and made my life as an arthritis sufferer more joyful and less painful. There are many currents of interest on the internet that could have landed you here on my website. I hope leave with few good, practical ideas on using aromatherapy as a part of your everyday life.

Copyright: Feel free to download and print out the recipes on this website for your personal use. The descriptive text and photos are Copyright of course, but recipes are not. Never hesitate to tweek aromatherapy blends to suit your own needs and desires.

Cautions: Aromatherapy is one of the safest therapeutic treatments, but that does not mean it is risk free. Many oils can cause skin irritations even when diluted. Always do a skin text on a small area whenever experimenting with a new herb or oil. Pay attention to the cautions on the individual oil profiles. Some oils contain chemicals like thujone, salicylic acids, and other constituents that can cause toxic side effects if not used properly. There may be side effects that are rare or may not listed either because I don't know about them.

The information presented here is for informational purposes only. I firmly believe that people should take charge of their own health and take responsibility for any herb, drug or other substance they choose to put on to or into their bodies. I am not a doctor, or licensed medical professional. I am an author. That means I do a lot of reading and writing about herbs, Aromatherapy and natural healing, and loads of self experimentation. While this makes me well informed it does not make me qualified to treat or diagnose other people,especially folks I have never met. If you have medical questions, find a local health practitioner

Contact: Email concerning questions related to the operation of the website may be addressed to "". Health questions addressed to customer service cannot be answered.

I am a proud affiliate of Mountain Rose Herbs. That means I get a commission on sales that result from links. When you click through to the Mountain Rose Herbs website, you are leaving my domain, but rest assured you will be well taken care of. If your have questions regarding an order or product at Mountain Rose Herbs contact them at:

  • USA Toll-Free - (800) 879-3337
They offer friendly personal customer service and exceptional quality along with the best organic herbal products at very competitive prices. I fully endorse Mountain Rose products and trust them for use in my own family's health. You will find all the aromatherapy essential oils, oils, candles waxes and supplies you need to make all the remedies featured on this website.