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Rosemary oil adds a warm and stimulating quality to blends
Rosemary Recipe List
Abdominal cramps and Constipation oils
Aromatherapy can reduce the stress and tension tha...
Anticellulite Bath Synergistic Blends
This anti-cellulite blend helps to reduce the appe...
Arthritis and sore muscle blend
For rheumatic pain, or sore muscles massage the fo...
Black Pepper and Rosemary Warm Up
Massage into muscles before exercise to stimulate ...
Chamomile and Rosemary join and sore muscle relief
This blend helps to calm the inflammation of arthr...
Clove and rosemary sore muscle blend
This warming blend of oils will ease sore muscles ...
Comforting arthritis massage blend for dogs
Having said that, however, dogs generally love to...
Fresh Ginger and rosemary for Pain
Make a strong tea with grated fresh ginger, about ...
Grapefruit and rosemary Stress less oil blend
Chemical stress is caused by too much coffee, junk...
Heavenly Oils for Dry hair
6 tablespoons carrier oil such as almond, coconut ...
Hot Pepper and rosemary rub
Mix 1/8 teaspoon of Cayenne pepper per tablespoon...
Natural Beauty Shampoo
You can spruce up store bought shampoos with essen...
Rosemary and Lemongrass Inspiration
The inspiring blend will help keep you focused dur...
Rosemary and Sage Antifungal Body Powder
This powder formula is great for preventing and tr...
Rosemary for mental alertness
Diffuse rosemary essential oil in your workspace t...
Rosemary Infused Oil
Rosemary infused oil is one of my favorite ways...
Rosemary oil and Vinegar Hair Rinse
Rosemary hair rinse This rinse works wond...
Rosemary tea and oil for congestion
Use rosemary to ease breathing and help open ai...
Rosemary times two
Apply a double dose of rosemary to relieve sore mu...
Sinus Headache Relief
For a headache, soak in a warm bath for at least 2...
Skin soft Oatmeal and Chamomile
Pour three cups of boiling water over one cup ...
Tamanu Oil : Sunny Day oil
Use to prevent and protect from sun and wind...
Tension Headache Relief
Apply to the back of the neck and shoulders, and m...
Therapeutic Fragrant Muscle Oil
To soothe muscles and improve circulation, use ...
Uplifting arthritis pain blend
This blend of essential oils promotes elimination...

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